We help organizations manage, understand and act on data

Data and analytics consultancy focused on Leadership, Process Improvement, Implementation, AI and Advanced Analytics.

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Our Expertise

The Modern Data Stack

From Data Engineering & Infrastructure to AI, Analytics and Business Intelligence, we build end-to-end solutions

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Power BI

Our Approach

Pragmatic & Agile

We are focused on driving impact and a take holistic approach to developing data skills at your organisation


We implement processes to scope, prioritize, and allocate tasks so your team can focus on unlocking value with data.


We build best-in-class, full-stack infrastructure to support self-service business intelligence and advanced analytics across your organization.


We train, organize, and grow data teams. We value developing a culture of learning that is agile, focused and outcome oriented.

Our Services

Full-Stack Data Consulting

We offer a breadth of expertise to guide your people, process, and technology

Product Analytics
Event design and implementation of your product analytics stack using industry leading tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel and Posthog to help you improve the performance of your product teams.
Data Warehouse Architecture
Architecture and development of a Kimball style data warehouse or data marts to enable you to report company metrics with confidence.
Business Intelligence
Building dashboards and reports on BI tools like Tableau, Looker and PowerBI to bring data into the hands of the decision makers at your organisation.
Consumer Data Platforms
Integration of consumer data platforms like Segment, Rudderstack and Hightouch with all of your business tools so they exchange data effectively.
Tooling & Infrastructure
Implementation of industry leading real-time and batched data platforms using both open source and proprietary technologies to suit all of your business needs.
Cost Consolidation
Consolidation of your your data tools to ensure you get the most value while keeping your costs under check.

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“Pragun, the founder of Delta4 was instrumental in setting up our data warehouse and product analytics stack, and enabled various business teams to leverage data for decision making.”

Vaidik Kapoor
Ex-VP of Engineering at blinkit; Engineering Leader